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List of Books Available

S.# Author Name Title
1. Cotton Practical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Fifth Edition) CD-1
2. Cotton -Do- CD-2
3. Guha Manual of Newborn Critical Care Medicine
4. Schachner Pediatric Dermatology
5. Coleman Ultrasonography of the Eye and Orbit
6. Taylor Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (Third Edition)
7. Karchmer Cornea (Second Edition)
8. Johnson Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology (Second Edition)
9. Walker Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease (Fourth Edition)
10. Chandrasekaran IAP Teaching Modules in Pediatrics
11. Martin’s Neonatal Prenatal Medicine Diseases up the Fetus and Infant
12. Ashcraft Pediatric Surgery, Edition Four, CD-2
13. Kelth W. Ashcraft, MD Pediatric Surgery, Edition Four, CD-4
14. Taylor Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (Third Edition)
15. Ashcraft Pediatric Surgery, Edition-4C D-1
16. Goldstein Esthetics in Dentistry Vol-2, Second Edition
17. Goldstein -do- Vol-1
18. Elsevier Pulse Polio Programme (Hindi)
19. Cummings Otolaryngology, Fourth Edition
20. Bluestone Pediatric Otolaryngology
21. Rockwood & Green’s Fractures in Adults CD-1
22. Rockwood & Green’s -do- CD-2
23. Mandell Infectious Diseases (Sixth Edition)
24. Koss Diagnostic Cytology (Fifth Edition)
25. Miller’s Anesthesia (Sixth Edition)
26. Winter Murphy Mougenot Cadranel Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
27. Daniels And Worthington’s Muscle Testing
28. Wallace Peters Geoffrey Pasvol Tropical Medicine & Parasitology (Sixth Edition)
29. Michael E. Glasscock, III M.D. Aina Julianna Gulya, M.D. Surgery of the ear(Fifth Edition)
30. Tobin H. Lim, M.D. Galen S. Wagner, M.D. Marriott’s Practical Electorcardiography(Eleventh Edition)
31. Mitchell P. Fink Edward Abraham Jean-Louis Vincent Patrick M. Kochanek Critical Care (Fifth Edition) CD-1/CD-2
32. David M. Knipe Virology (Firth Editon)
33. S. Terry Canale & James H.Beaty Operative Orthopaedics (Eleventh Edition) CD-1
34. S. Terry Canale & James H.Beaty -do- CD-2
35. Lawrence A. Kaplan, Amadeo J. Pesce, Steven C. Kazmierczak Clinical Chemistry(Fourth Edition)
36. Moser Baer Acts Applicable in Hospital
37. Martin Uram Illustrations by Tommyh graef Endoscopic Surgery in Ophthalmology (Disc 1)
38. Martin Uram Illustrations by Tommyh graef Endoscopic Surgery in Ophthalmology (Disc 1)
39. George W. Holcomb III, Keith E. Geogeson, Steven S. Rothenberg Pediatric Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy
40. Green Hotchkiss Pederson Wolfe Green’s Operative Hand Surgery
41. Devendra K Gupta Pediatric Surgery Diagnosis and Management CD-1
42. Devendra K Gupta -do- CD-2
43. John Anthony Herring, MD Pediatric Orthopaedics (Fourth Edition) CD-1
44. Denis F. Geary Franz Schaefer Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology
45. Gleeson Michael Scott Brow’n Otohinnolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
46. Brunner & Suddarth’s Medical Surgical Nuring (twelfth Edition)
47. Elias J. Anaissie Clinical Mycology (Second Edition)
48. Good men & Gilmen’s Therapeutics (12th Edition)
49. Brunner & Suddarth’s Medical Surgical Nuring (twelfth Edition)
50. R. Brian Haynes David L. Sackett Gordon H. Guyatt Peter Tugwell Clinical Epidemiology (third Edition)
51. Harry N. Herkowitz The Spine (Sixth Edition)
52. Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine
53. Smith’s Smith’s Text book Endourolary
54. Holschneider Hutson editors Anorectal Malaformations in Children